4 Things You Should Know as a New Denture Wearer

Congratulations on your new smile. It feels great to replace missing teeth with dentures so you again have confidence to live life to the fullest without any reservations. However, adjusting to dentures is something every new wearer should expect. There will be a bit of time when you may hate the dentures but rest assured this subsides in time. A few things that all new denture wearers should keep in mind:

1.    Take it Slow: Adjusting to new dentures can take a bit of time. As you adjust, remember to eat soft foods and avoid hard foods. Using a bit of denture adhesive can help keep dentures in place. Some words may not be easy to pronounce with dentures until you adjust. Practice makes perfect!

2.    Handle With Care: Dentures can bend and break even without being dropped if they’re not handled with care. Make sure to gently hold dentures and do not apply pressure to them.

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3.    Take Care of Your Dentures: Not only should you handle dentures with care, it’s vital that you care for them! Not only do you prevent infections and other trouble, it prolongs the lifetime of the dentures. Always remove dentures at night and soak them in a cleaning solution. Use a toothbrush to remove particles from the dentures. Follow all denture care instructions provided by your dentist.

4.    Repair Available: Although dentures average a lifetime eight years, relines and repairs may be needed between this time. Call a dentist to schedule a denture repair clinton in the time of need.

Your smile is one of your best features. Protect it by using the four tips above as you adjust to new dentures. Nothing in this world is better than your gorgeous smile. Do all that you can to take care of it now!